ADLAB Solutions

Cloud data warehouses provide advantages for tackling large data sets when compared to on-premise servers. They allow data to be accessed in real-time, enabling faster analysis for marketers and analysts. Scaling up to accommodate more storage space is easy and cost-effective, too.

Make analytics easier by bringing together data from multiple sources into BigQuery. You can upload data files from local sources, Google Drive, or Cloud Storage buckets, use BigQuery Data Transfer Service (DTS), Cloud Data Fusion plugins, replicate data from relational databases with Datastream for BigQuery, or leverage Google’s industry-leading data integration partnerships.

Event-driven analysis

Gain a competitive advantage by responding to business events in real time with event-driven analysis. Built-in streaming capabilities automatically ingest streaming data and make it immediately available to query. This allows you to stay agile and make business decisions based on the freshest data. Or use Dataflow to enable fast, simplified streaming data pipelines for a comprehensive solution.

Analysis Architecture